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If exploring space in a strong and well organized fleet with fingers in almost all economic frontiers; all while treating the law as largely optional sounds exciting to you, then maybe Bloodpact is your best chance of prosperity. We are a nomadic, separationist PMC with wings for exploration, mercantile, protection, privateering, espionage, education and humanitarian purpouses.

While our members are united in the purpose of avoiding the UEE, we take pride in subtlety and discretion. We make only enough waves to never raise alarm.

Those among us whose moral compasses may seem the furthest away from the law and who frequently engage in illicit activities, seek to be clever, to be one step ahead of the enemy and to not let greed overtake their judgment. They aim to minimize risks and maximize profits. We are all reasonable, and want to establish an honorable and respectable reputation.

We are a free haven. We are free thinkers. WE are freedom!
Cast off the chains you were molded in by your fascist and elitist government, and live by your own moral code. Nothing in this world is easier, or more right.

We aim to misbehave, but also to be unpredictable. It will be possible to get on our good side, if the price is right, and we will take mercenary work where it's in our best interest. We are chaotic neutral but ready to use almost any means necessary in our travel of opportunism.

We are a social, mature and fun community. We differ from other long-time communities in that we stick to one game at a time, and always hope that the next game is going to be forever.

What we are looking for:

  • 4 hours per day (average) play time desired, though you will be considered based on experience in progression MMOs and/or flight & space sims first.
  • Ages 18+ Recommended due to nature of humour and banter. Age 16 hard requirement.
  • Light RP at times is supported.
  • We may host our own private server for squad training purposes.

What we can offer you:

  • A sociable experience in a sharp environment, where your contribution will be visible, your trust reciprocated, and your differences respected.
  • With time, the right attitude and skill sets, there are no limits to how far you can rise in the organization, or how deeply you can specialize or how broadly you can generalize.
  • Valuable experience crewing or traveling with our fleet's bigger ships, like for example our Idris flagship.
  • Flexible arrangements in regards to training, and an including internal economy for traders, manufacturers, explorers, smugglers, information runners, salvagers, special operatives and combat pilots.
  • A unique balance of competitive nature and focus on fun.

We aim for no more than ca. 90 members, thirty-ish in each major time zone grouping. We are not a zerg, but a focused machinery where the goal is to have every member know one another. Once this goal is reached, joining will be impossible outside of meeting us in-game. As of 10th of March 2018 we have ca. 60 registered pilots, North America being close to full. Australia/SEA and Europe are equal with about a dozen spots left each.

More info available at our website and Star Citizen recruitment thread, here: link
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Competitive - Medium Social 18+ Only voice TS3
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