It's time to continue our unveiling of the wings and branches that will make up our combined fleet in Star Citizen. This time, it's the Pathfinders and Torchbearers who enter the stage.

For last week's presentation of the Astropath and Obsidian Eye wings, scroll to the end of this post and hit the 'previous' link.

The Pathfinders and Torchbearers are very important parts of the fleet, and represent our exploratory and mercantile interests.


Deep space is a mystery no more. Aspiring to be cutting edge explorers, the entire wing works together to share their knowledge and experience from the unknown reaches of the galaxy.

Where have you been? Where are you going? No two explorers among the Pathfinder wing will have to tread the same pockets of space looking for anomalies. By sharing eachother's flight logs, other members can look elsewhere, increasing the chances of successful discoveries for each and every pilot, and fostering a helpful community with a large pool of knowledge, ensuring that Bloodpact's Pathfinder wing are the premiere explorers in the universe.

The Pathfinders are not only explorers, but also scouts. With fast and fuel efficient ships, they can help the Astropaths choose the most lucrative path for the fleet's nomadic journey, and help prepare the entire fleet on potential dangers. The Pathfinders are the spearhead of the entire organisation.


Traders, manufacturers, smugglers and economists. The wing most crucial to our economic prosperity, and thus the most protected institution we have.

They are not your typical hauler drones, just trucking away goods to the most profitable destinations. They are manipulators, sometimes seizing on opportunities that may seem worthless to the untrained eye - but not in the long run.

Carefully weighing risk vs. reward and choosing short and long term goals are part of their calling.

Some of them may be refuelers, carrying the entire weight of Bloodpact through the galaxy and supporting her in combat. But others may be cutthroat smugglers with numerous tricks up their sleeve when and if they come under fire. To support this branch is crucial. Without them, we are dead in the water.

Stay tuned for next week's reveal of our two final fleet wings!

Cevon Cant wait to sign up for The Pathfinders!