Incoming transmission

Lofty Merc a[Å] posted Oct 2, 13



Preliminary report on codename 'Achlys' resistance cell
by Advocacy Agent Rupert R. Baker

Since many generations ago, certain pockets of colonists, scientists, explorers, free traders and militias in the frontiers of the "UEE's panic driven and expansion hungry grasp" * have been left behind, forgotten and isolated. In extreme cases, whole populations of planets were unceremoniously cast aside to fend for themselves, after being promised a fresh start by the UEE.

Many carried a brooding resentment for the UEE up to new generations; generations who would come to witness the patterns of deceit from their government repeated. Some systems had wars. Governors would attempt to secede, and volatile demonstrations turned into bloodbaths. But mostly, and despite the odds, in most cases no extreme executive action occurred.

Until now.

Pirates, resistance cells and smugglers have always existed, all of which are mostly thoroughly mapped out by the government and strictly policed where possible. But recently, a new wave has begun. Encrypted custom-built datapad handbills, distributed in some number throughout nearly all of the UEE's most problematic colonies, allowed key members of an underground society to gain momentum without passing through any official channels.

Legends speak of these datapads being decipherable only using a blood sample of the intended recipient.

The society has succeeded in its subversion largely by forming around the elite population of rebellious pockets. Politicians, scientists, militia officers, bureaucrats and other central functionaries were the target of the founding chapter. We believe this based on the pattern in which the datapads are spreading, the only ones intercepted being found in high-cost residential areas and officio buildings.

This relatively low volume but high impact recruitment has made the rebels almost impossible to track. The Advocacy has very few leads in its investigation, and even fewer suspects.

Investigators such as myself fear that while this syndicate seem to be ignoring the pedestrian population, this is a tactic of necessity while they are in the crucial insurgency phase, and it is highly likely that the organization will "return" for the lower and middle classes eventually. The lower classes may even be why they exist.

It is currently unknown where the organization keeps their headquarters, if they even have one, what their organizational structure is or who is in charge. In fact, never have we had less to go on in mapping out similar secluded cells.

At the present time, I can not give a definite answer of where to reinforce our efforts. The wiser move may be to spread our investigations across UEE space. The movement of the datapads we have been able to intercept do not indicate any hotspots or even a centralized origin.

Your vigilant servant,
Rupert Baker



* Quote from the late governor Treacy's secession proposal.

Meedean Simply, brilliant! I'm oozing with all sorts of ideas to build upon this. Great job Merc!