Alpha 3.0 in September 2017 (?)

Come the end of september, october? november? desember? suddenly, when we least expect it? we will finally have much of the gameplay structure available to feel like it's sort of what we pledged for.

That means that there will be missions to do, planets to explore, people to mess with interact with and a working party system. Exar, officer of our allies in The Shadow Legion, has extended an offer to join their Teamspeak and group up, so finding people to play with won't be a problem.

New features

Coming to Star Citizen in september the next patch, are features like character customization, updated merchants and mercantile systems, mission manager and vehicle customization apps, ship insurance, (boo!) A.I. operable turrets, vastly (according to CIG) improved performance and A.I. and a whole host of new content and locations.

The Item 2.0 system makes its way in to the game, allowing for true ship modularity. In addition, the Ursa Rover and Drake Dragonfly are the first to be supported docked within moving ships. (Not counting the P-52 which came pre-docked in the Constellation but couldn't re-attach)

Group play

Along with it being easier to group up and play together, not to mention improved stability of multi-crew ships, we hope to see as many as possible join up at least once (we understand if you don't want to burn out, none of us do) for exploring the content on offer, breaking things, fixing things... and breaking them again, but most of all just do whatever we want in the freedom of 3.0.

With the improved performance claims CIG have been making, it's worth looking even if you haven't upgraded your computer in a while. Chances are you'll be able to run it better now!

Please note

Due to yet more delays, roll call cutoffs have been moved back symmetrically. If you already checked in, there's no need to do it again.

Meedean Meedean, checking in!