Yesterday, on the final day of LTI, we secured our Idris-P Corvette.

It was a nail-biting affair with 300 Idrises going in the blink of an eye over three batches, until I, after staying near the computer for over half a day was able to secure one. It was close!

Of course, this would not have been possible if not for those who donated packages in such short notice. In no particular order, the members who donated were: PKfireIce/ Galem, Andarist, Meedean, Reign, DarkNova, Skan, TheDood, Haweo, Earris and Mr.Grey! To commemorate their contribution, I have created a forum award especially for them, 'Savior of Paltroth':

As I did in Allods Online, I will christen this first flagship 'Paltroth', in memory of the first server in the first game that Bloodpact played, Corum Online. I will create a forum signature as well, for these members, complimentary to the sigbar that already exists in the press & media kit page. I will try to have it done within a week.

Fleet wing invitations

I am also currently in the process of sending out fleet wing invitations, based on members' S.T.A.T.S. submissions. Please note that it may take a day or two to receive your invites. Once you accept an invite (of which you will usually receive a choice of two or more combinations of wings) you will be automatically be promoted one step, possibly more, depending on wing. I have already sent out the first batch, and some of you will notice that you have received one or more new forum badges like these:


Over the course of the coming weekend I will hopefully have a proper description page for the fleet wings, complete with the very first fleet wing structure diagram. Until I've finished this, if you ever want to read about our fleet wings, the original teasers can be reached by going back through this news' page history by pressing "previous" at the bottom of the module. Eventually I will also get around to updating our rules page, which is horribly out of date.


It is time to start preparing for Star Citizen full force. We want to hit a target of ca. 90 members, slightly more or less depending on how the wings and time zones are filled up as we go.

So please check our recruitment thread from time to time, and help spread the word. We are gaining traction and have a lot of amazing members, as the Idris initiative proved, and I can't wait for this fleet to grow and become the well-oiled machinery and starbound family we deserve to be, as cliché as that may sound.

I want to have recruitment wrapped up and closed by summer. By that time, public recruitment will stop, and the only way to join will be through meeting our current members in-game. This also provides me with breathing room to organize, coordinate and select officers.

First War Council member

I have selected the first War Council member of Bloodpact for Star Citizen. Tiba/ Pestilence will be our fleet Australian time zone leader, and will also be one of the officers that link The Astropath wing with Team Azimuth and The Obsidian Eye. Tiba has been with us since prior to The Secret World, and I know him to be a very fair, relaxed but progressive guy that will be a great officer for the Aussies.

That sums up the end of LTI update, and don't be afraid to PM me with questions as I am but an open book (written in hieroglyphics of course) to you.

Exar Congrats Lofty