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From one of my favourite developers, comes a new game : Subnautica

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Lofty Merc a[Å]

The developer, Unknown Worlds, some of you may know from Natural Selection 2. But instead of a twitch/ strategy shooter, Subnautica is going to be an underwater contruction / exploration / sandbox game. Sounds a bit like underwater Minecraft? Maybe, but Unknown Worlds claimed to have invented an entire new genre, and said 'role playing and cinematic' elements will be interesting aspects of the game.
Unknown Worlds wrote:
Subnautica is not in ‘alpha,’ it is an idea that is just starting to be mouled into its first playable incarnations. We are not ready to announce it and try to ‘build buzz’ or ‘attract attention’ – But we are ready, and excited, to share our work with you.

Subnautica aims to elicit a feeling of experiencing the unknown: A sense that you are exploring an untouched world, not knowing how far, or how deep you can go. The underwater environment will invite you to construct submarines and develop your equipment in order to reach its far flung and diverse corners. Decisions you make about vessel layout, capabilities and structure will affect your ability to navigate hazards and enter the domains of creatures; the likes of which your imagination has never conceived of.

Though it is early, I particularly am excited to see the visuals of this game, since Natural Selection 2 is of high standard and I can only hope they put this same level of detail into a huge sandbox, which should shame many other sandbox games. The addition of being underwater with all the visual alien-ness that entails is icing on the cake.
Posted Dec 16, 13 · OP
This has my interest, will follow, this could be very interesting
Posted Dec 17, 13 · Last edited Dec 17, 13
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