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War Council
Hi guys!,

This is mainly for Merc so its to the point :p

im not a very good writer and im stoned so it could be a funny read sorry if its abit savage!

I use many skyrim and oblivion assets in the tests i do
A.) because they are very HQ assets
B.) because the demos i do can only look as good as the art that i use
C.) untill im ready to shell out the $$$ to get my own this is all i can do

So here it is Force Eng Feature list:


Light Pre-Pass Rendering(
1000+ lights
Normal mapping
HDR light and spec light Buffers(Spec hightlights can be colored)
Dynamic Shadows
alpha masking
Rim lighting
Volume Fog
Skined Animated Mesh
Riged Animated Mesh)

Threaded instance mesh's for trees and other non animated stuff(very fast and good for 100+ of the same mesh)
Unthreaded instance mesh's for skined and riged animated stuff(slower but suports animation good 100 of the same mesh)

24 tap poisson disk filtered soft CSM shadows\ 9x9 PCF filtered soft shadows
2D Light Pre-Pass Rendering(i use this for the minimap because it gives a nice FoW effect)

Sky System:

Dynamic Clouds(2D flat type clouds and 9 types of 3D clouds)
Lens Flare form sun
Full ToD system
Atmospheric Scattering


Soft edge water based on terrain height
Waves for any water not marked as a lake
shity looking rain that no one will see untill im happy with it :p


Quad tree based LoD Terrain
2 layer multi texture terrain painting(3 textures per layer could be 4 per layer but i use the alpha chan for layer blending)
LoD mapping terrain textrue for faster render times


Gamma Correction
Volumetric Light Scattering

Game Systems:
BEPU powered physics(full world can climb most things)
Navmesh based AI pathfinding(Recast & Detour built by the lead AI dev from crysis)
DPSF particle system 3D\2D
Mod system built like crysis eg. u only need to edit one .dll to build a game its called Gameplay.dll
RPG manager for player LvL, crafting, looting and some other small test systems

InGame UI:

Im using my AoC ui for most of this so i have HP, Stam and Mana and a few other sweet looking icons
trees and AI show up on the minimap so do pick ups and buildings.

Full WinForms Editor:

object placement
terrain painting(brush based eg. can make new brush types in Photoshop)
terrain editing(brush based ^^^^^^^)
decal placment(any texture on any static object)
light placement(spot and point light)
particle system placment
particle system editing
auto vegitation placment
shader editing and Gameplay.dll moding
plugin system so u dont need the editor code base to add new stuff

some links to my vids, these are all old and the gamma is not right so im not really happy with these any more.

Ill have a new vid soon and ill do this one at full rez and just upload the raw frapps file to youtube..... will be about 1.5GB so will take some time to upload but should look really good better than these anyway

Originally Posted by Mabus "Mabus did this, mabus did that, mabus hit me with a wiffle ball bat! Does QQing about imaginary QQing make you a QQer?"

Posted Jun 22, 13 · OP
This sounds really cool, what type of game are you looking to make long term?
Posted Jun 22, 13
War Council
Sorry i didnt w\b sooner been code smashing :)

@Brad long term..... Something like stranded 2(survival game) but as my tech is still 1st gen and has a lot of work to be done before i want to start on "My Game".

So right now im looking at a sort of "boots on the ground" tower defence type game.

Here is how it works so far, you are the new commander of the guard on the island of Hoth.

Towers can only be built in set positions(because i gen the navmesh at build time it takes 25-90mins).
You use your AI teams for attacking, repairs, build, defence and huntting.
You will tell the AI what to do with markers that u place like an AoE sort of like BF2 or Crysis.
The AI teams will lvl up and get stronger untill they die then there will be a respawn cooldown till u can get it back and it will start at lvl 0 again so it helps to keep them going as long as u can.
You can hunt, build or do repairs your self its going to be about management and planing.
There will be ground target AoE's and other projectiles(CBF doing melee stuff just yet)
Night time will be the main attack time but it will change but most of the bad shit will happen at night.

Player Goals:
Find food for the town
Find wood for the town
Do a few things for the towns ppl
Defend the town when needed
Keep the town running

Craffting(simple mixing of pickups)
Pickups(power up type things, food stuffes and other mixables)
3 AI teams for town defence, gathering and town\fortification repairs. Each team will have 4 AI units
AI towns folk that will have goals eg. hunting, crafting, killing other AI and deffending the town
100+ AI attackers that will come in waves at different times of the day\night. Im looking at roll types for the AI nowish
Town\Fortification damage(wont be much more than changing to a fucked up mesh once its HP hits 0)
Chickens and rabbits to hunt as well as a few other things
Terrain deformation(may not happen unless i change over to critterAI but even then its based on recast so the mesh gen time would slower or the same)

Many of these systems will work well for my long lead game.
This first game may never even see the light of day beause i move on from it fast or im unhappy with how it works only time will tell but im tipping that if i get it all to work how i want then ill need a few testers.

On a side note:

If u ever use a game editor(BF2Edit was bad) and its buggy as hell i have found out why.........

I fucken rage at my editor some times it drives me nuts, i could go and fix it i even know why its buggy but because i have gotten so use to my hacky work around that its ezyer this way so i really dont think it will ever get fixed.
Originally Posted by Mabus "Mabus did this, mabus did that, mabus hit me with a wiffle ball bat! Does QQing about imaginary QQing make you a QQer?"

Posted Jun 27, 13 · OP
Lofty Merc a[Å]
Your game idea sounds like a lot of fun!

And lol at the editor bugs. Almost every editor whether it's a part of the source for the engine or a modding kit released by devs, has some kind of workaround needed. The only heightmap editor that actually worked in Bethesda's tools for example was the Morrowind one for example. Man... Drives me mad :p
Posted Jun 27, 13
so right now you are at like a proof of concept type stage, artwork doesnt look bad but I just woke up after sleeping for like 72 hours
Posted Jun 27, 13
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