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think we need an introduction thread. Jus' sayin'.

Post an intro and SHOUT your favorite word, color, and pokemon!

Hello all the Bloodpact members! Im Lufie :)

Im 27 years old. Work 60% as a furnitury delivery guy / warehouse maintainer and 65% as a army drillinstructor :)

I live in middle part of sweden in a smaller town called Harnosand. Around 18k inhabitans so it's not the biggest town around... But I love my hometown because it's so old (built in 1585 by our king Johan III)

Ive been playing most games that has ever been out. My longer run games have been Flyff, Ultima online, Runescape, Perfect world, Americas Army Online, Runes of Magic, Cabal online and Allods online.

I got xfire so go ahead and add me ^^

Im very active on the forum (look at my spam rate!) Also im always on ventrilo :p

About my nickname..

My old nicknames where ЮÆÇ¥ Then ASCII names became not-allowed so i switched to Smiffe around the net everywhere and i still do. but IGN name is always Lufie. Lufie comes from the time I started playing MUD. At the time I played a snes gamed Called Lufia and I liked the name, but someone already named there char Lufia so i changed the A to an E and it stuck with me since 1997


Pictures of my hometown :)

<Merc>My Ice cream is BROKEN and fell on it's SIDE
<clowstrike>aight ..Since you LOVE little boys so endorse my CUte ass voice..
Posted Feb 7, 11 · OP
Third time is the charm...

Hello, I'm Kemwer. The name came from my first WoW character, a black Tauren Hunter (Kemwer is an Egyptian black bull god). I really liked the name, and I started using it on all games, and I usually create alt characters with misspellings and mispronunciations of my nick by my fellow guildies. That's why you can also find me under Kemwell, Kemver, Kemuer and so on. :p

I was born and have lived all my life on the sunny (and many times: rainy) Brazil, on São Paulo, the economic capital of the country. It is one of the larger cities on the world, and the largest in Brazil. It is not the most beautiful city ever, but it has its moments. A few shots of it:

São Paulo from above

Paulista Avenue

Ibirapuera Park

Some random shots

So... a brazilian. No, don't trust the stereotypes, I don't like football (soccer for the yankees), Carnaval, Samba or Bossa Nova music, or colorful clothing. This last one is my hallmark actually: I only wear black clothes. No, I'm not goth (as you'd think if you are my age) or emo (if you are quite younger than me), I just like the color black... a lot.

Graduated in Fine Arts with a major in Digital Graphic Design back in 2000, I work with design since 1997; I had to work through college to pay for my studies, thankfully on my area. I've done a little of everything on digital design: web design, interface design, 3D modelling and animation, video editing and post-production. These days I'm self-employed, doing mostly web design work.

I am a total geek. Love computer games (but I also got myself a PS3 recently), gadgets, rock and electronic music, movies, and TV shows like Lost, Fringe, House M.D. and, naturally, The Big Bang Theory.

I might type a lot, but that's only in bursts. I usually don't type or talk if I don't think I have something to add to the conversation. If I'm not sharing information or giving advice to others, you can usually find me getting into discussions where I don't think one of the sides is being fair.
Future classes: guildwars2.png Norn Elementalist swtor.png Zabrak Sith Inquisitor
Posted Feb 7, 11
Umm okay time to introduce me too. Been lazy bum, forgive me.

So I was born in Lithuania (Baltic Sea) 23 years ago. It's a nice little country, really enjoyed living there for 14 years. Later on me and my family moved to Germany, because my grandfather has escaped the WW2 and went to Lithuania, as he was only 12 years old by that time. So he wanted to go back to his home country. His brothers and sisters were still living here, so we moved with him.
Now I live in a small historical city named Coburg, in Bavaria. Coburg has the typical features of a former capital of German little states. There are numerous houses from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
Some interesting (historical) places:
One of Germany's largest castles.
Thats our Fortress Of Coburg
Thats how it looks at night.

From 1826 to 1918, Coburg was one of the two capitals of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. During the 19th century, dynastic marriages created ties with the royal families of Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, as well as Great Britain, the last being achieved when Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, born at suburban Schloss Rosenau, married his first cousin, Queen Victoria. This marriage established the present British royal house, which renamed itself Windsor during World War I. This marriage in turn led to a union with Germany's ruling dynasty, the Hohenzollerns, when the couple's eldest child, Victoria, married the future Kaiser Friedrich III.
Due to the royal connections among the royal houses of Europe, Coburg was the site of many royal Ducal weddings and visits. Britain's Queen Victoria made 6 visits to Coburg during her 64 year reign.

Ehrenburg Palace, rebuilt after a catastrophic fire in 1690, received its neo-Gothic exterior in the 19th century.
Ehrenburg, a former Franciscan convent built in 1220 and turned into a castle in 1543–1549, and renovated until the 19th century. The internal decoration dates from the late 17th-early 18th centuries.

It's really interesting to visit these museums. Even for me, even that I don't like history haha.
Enough about it..

Hmm what more.. oh ya I speak 4 languages.. Lithuanian, Russian (Was the first language I learned when I came to Germany lol), German and English.
About my gaming experiences... well not much of it, was stuck with Flyff for like 7 years, then Allods with Bloodpact and more FPS, Single Player games for years. Used to play browser games for a long time too. :d

About my nick eh? Watafak = What the F**k, nothing more, nothing less :d
Color: Blue
Food: Vodka
Prefered stuff: Vodka + Tits

The END.
Posted Feb 8, 11
Lofty Merc a[Å]
This better be 'the one'!

I'm Merc (short for Mercury duh) - I am 24 and have been leading this illustrious organization for about 4 years now, since the original Bloodpact split in half and I was voted leader of the new 2moons guild. Now most the people 2moons started out with are long gone, but I'm still here *snif*.

Anyway, I come from a small industrial town in Northern Norway called Narvik. Norway is one of the highest quality of life countries in the world, and one of the most developed countries. It's an oil rich country with a small population of just 5M. Norwegian inventors are famous for the ski, the paper clip, the aerosol spray can and the cheese grader. Yeah I know, such a legacy. The list of patents in military technology and offshore/ maritime technology is not one I'm even going to start on though!

My little town of just under 20K people had the world's eyes upon it for a brief moment in history on June 8th, 1940. This was where Hitler had his first defeat in World War 2. Every single other battle in Norway was lost, except Narvik. The regiments of soldiers that fought on Bjørnefjell (Bear Mountain) for the freedom of the Norwegian people for 50 days and won, were forced to surrender the same day they had won the final battle. The Norwegian government had surrendered Norway to the Nazis that very day and fled the country.

A movie about these battles are being made into a large budget movie right now.

The commute to work in 1940 was very scenic.


German destroyer Graf Spee going out in flames in the Narvik Fjord.

Narvik has great down hill and off piste facilities, and among other things the main piste has the world's steepest hang.

Northern lights may be my favorite thing in the world... except:

No, it's not a sunset. It's the midnight sun.

To explain the two above images: Where I live, the sun never comes up in the winter for 4 months, and in the summer the sun never sets for 4 months. I like the arrangement :d
Terra securities scandal wrecking my town's economy.


Wow, that makes sense.
Posted Feb 8, 11
My name is Catherine
I'm 23 years old, been married for almost 2 years to a guy I met on World of Warcraft in '06. (Yeah, i'm one of those lol)
I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
I'm a Makeup artist, and will be going to school for Special Effect makeup sometime next year :)
I'm also a singer, I do random concerts on vent every so often, and Merc and I make great music together :p

As for MMO experience, i've played many of them including WoW for 5 years (Vanilla WoW up until a month before Ulduar came out in WotLK.), AoC, WAR, Allods, and then of course multiple random MMOs that i've played for a couple weeks to try them out.

I'm a fun, easy-going person with a sense of humor just like the guys haha. *insert joke about raven here*

Favorite Word: Eh!
Favorite Color: Pink >< Don't judge me :p
Favorite Pokemon: I hate you Lufie, I never got into pokemon..


Edit: The top picture with the Moose... is about a 5 minute walk from my house, I can see it out my window haha. And no, it's not real, it's a statue.

Posted Feb 8, 11
Favorite Word: Stupendous
Favorite Color: Black and Green.
Favorite Pokemon: Pidgeotto

Yeah. Haha. Well. My name's Matt. I study Choral Music Education and Spanish Education at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Recently, my choral group went on tour in Puerto Rico, which was fantastic, because it combined the two areas of study for me.

I have been playing MMO's for a LOOOONG time, even though I am only 19 years old (I have played for about 15 years!)

I specialize in Healing and look forward to playing with you all!
Posted Feb 10, 11
Hai, I'm Dictate, I'm asian. I like riding my snowboard really really fast. I like riding my motorcycle really really fast. I enjoy playing games and big boobs.

I like monkeys

and I like getting drunk
Posted Feb 10, 11
Profession: I am an exotic dancer

Posted Feb 10, 11
I'm Remede. Weird name i know, lets break it down its really easy. Remedy - y = Remed + e +Remede and the cool thing about it is that you say it the same -__-. I'm from Los Angeles, CA but right now I live in Honolulu, HI. I'm a Navy guy who found out its not all its cracked up to be. I have 4 months left and I'm excited. I'm told that I'm a nice guy (lies) lol no really I am. I protect my friends at all costs and expect nothing in return. This is a half lie, while I don't expect everything I would hope that my friends are dependable. I'm slightly offbalance yea really like I can't stand on one foot I have been trying for years.

MMO's consumed my life the moment I was denied the ability to play FFXI. When my mom refused to pay for my subscription I immediately craved that which i could not have. I was 16. After a 10 day trial with WoW i believe i had found my digital cocaine. This was a lie as years later I'm sick of WoW. Thats when i came face to face with the BloodPact and their decimation of Sanctum. So my buddy Khanjure told me to apply and here I am. BTW you guys are awesome.

My dream is to one day work for Bioware. Mass Effect is my favorite video game of all time. You can't change my mind. Well that was just a random tid bit I just randomly though about. Anyway again I'm Remede and that could be me healing your injuries or the pure carnage it takes to destroy enemies lol I always have the Remede.
Posted Feb 10, 11
Hi guys, I'm not really good with introductions so I'll make it short and if you have questions I'll answer them, unless it's my body size >_>

My name's Sabrina, 25 and I'm Italian.
I was in a study trip in China but atm i'm in Italy for a break.
My hobbies are Videogames, hanging out with friends and my bf and also Basketball (just watching).
Uhm... I'm a student in foreign languages and I currently study English, Japanese, Spanish, just started Chinese.
My game experience is mostly about Lineage2, where I was in a big pvp hardcore guild (RDogs) as a healer (EE), it was fun and not having played Daoc I think it's the best pvp i ever had.
I really hope lvl 50 pvp will be more interesting than the one in these betas, cause it's kinda bad and unbalanced at the moment.
I hope to get along with you guys and see ya in game :)
Spellsinger Cutie
Posted Feb 10, 11
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