why would it matter if a game is crowd founded or not the only difference is that if the game sticks at the end the developer will make a shitload more money of a crowed founded one. Well or they just run of with the money ....

Because in crowdfunding, selling alpha is a necessary evil to gain traction. It wouldn't exist otherwise. If a game has a publisher, they have a responsibility to treat alpha with respect, fund the game properly, and not expect a community to fork their bill for them, cheapening the testing in the process.

Which is exactly what crowdfunding does, you buy into Alpha to help the developers by giving them the funds to be able to make the game. No different then buying into Alpha for say ArcheAge. The money goes to the developer to help design the game and you then get a more controlled Alpha of people who are there to actually help the developers remove bugs and shape the game play instead of an open alpha/beta where people are there mainly just to play and not help in any way.

Two sides of the same coin really.

Not at all the same, a crowdfunded project needs to have incentive to get funded in the first place, a publisher's existence is exactly because they are there to fund it in the first place, not abuse a system that exists for independents so they can give their developers less money to work with.