Black Desert is a go!

Lofty Merc a[Å] posted Feb 21, 16

Black Desert: It's on!

Having tested the game over the closed beta, we've decided this game is going to be a new venture for Bloodpact.

The main problem with this game, being a fast paced action game, is the ping; which means that unfortunately we'll be playing on European servers as very few of our North American members showed any interest in the game.

Due to Black Desert's tiered guild requirements, the goal is to stay under fifty members, as long as it's possible to remain competitive doing so. This means reduced costs and more accessible content through this structure.

We will focus on group PvP and economy/ crafting. For grinding, we are likely to only make small groups from time to time and not fuss over creating big parties for this content, at least until most of us reach the soft cap.

We will only recommend European players and maybe NA East Coast players to play with us due to ping, though North American players from the midwest or west coast can if they wish turn to our friends in Silent Warriors Gaming if they need a guild for BDO.

Recruitment is open, so tell your friends!